From Friction to Flow

with Dropbox

8 tips to take the

“work” out of getting work done

There’s no question that technology has revolutionized the way we work—mostly for the better. But in spite of these extraordinary shifts, there’s still a lot of “work about work.” Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

Scrolling through a cluttered and confusing email thread that still doesn’t give you the approvals or input you need. Hello again, final_final_final.png.

Dropbox understands and feels your pain. In this handy tips guide, we’ll break down the key challenges you face in your day-to-day work.

Opening your laptop on an airplane or train, ready to work, only to discover that your files can’t be accessed offline. At least there are free snacks.

See how Dropbox’s flexible features can eliminate these challenges and help you stay in flow.

Trying to preview a file and it won’t display because you don’t have the right software installed. A monthly subscription costs that much?

Let’s get started!

Tip #1

Conquer big files

Do you share mega-sized files with your co-workers or clients? Perhaps you’re a researcher who needs to send a huge dataset to collaborators. As you’ve probably discovered, trying to send big attachments through email is generally a no-flow proposition. Whether you work with big ideas or big files, don’t let size stand in your way.

No more file size restrictions

It’s easy to share even the biggest of files with Dropbox. Just create a shared link to your file or folder, then copy the link into an email, chat, or text message. Your recipient can then access, preview, or download the file, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Share your creative flow with clients

Express your vision and ideas in style with Dropbox Showcase. With a professional and visually engaging layout, Showcase helps present your work in the best possible light. Clients see your vision exactly the way you see it, keeping everyone in flow.

“We exchange a lot of large files, which was always an issue for us in the past. With Dropbox Business, we don’t have to worry about zipping files or cramming them into emails. We can send a link, preview the content, and only have to download the file if we want to.”

Adrian DiTonto National Retail Operations Manager,

Ben & Jerry’s Australia

Tip #2

Work without Wi-fi

No signal on the train or in the coffee shop? There’s nothing worse than rolling up your sleeves to get some work done and discovering your Wi-fi connection has disappeared. Whether you’re a construction site manager working underground or a traveling producer needing to preview a rough cut of a film on-the-go—stay in flow with Dropbox’s offline file access feature.

No Wi-fi, no worries

With Dropbox, access your files anytime and anywhere you need them—no Wi-fi connection required. Just mark the files or folders you want to access offline and they’ll sync automatically behind the scenes. You can even mark files for offline access on your mobile devices.

Access your offline folders, too

Whether you’re on the road or the office internet suddenly goes out— your folders are always within reach with Dropbox Business offline access on desktop and mobile.

“The ability to work offline makes Dropbox Business one of my best friends. Everything goes straight onto my computer, is backed up in the cloud, and I can use it on the plane, at the airport, wherever—no internet required.”

Nic Robertson Managing Director, Bonsey Jaden

Tip #3

Preview hundreds of file types

You’ve just received an AutoCAD file from your client, except you can’t open it because you don’t have the right software installed. Instead of trying to convert the file or going on a wild goose chase to download the missing program or app,imagine being able to preview it with a single click.

Instantly preview files, no software needed

Dropbox previews lets you or your file recipients view hundreds of types of files— including Photoshop, Excel, and Sketch files—without specialized software. With Dropbox Business, you can even preview MXF videos, EPUB, CAD, and ZIP files without having to open them.

“This is great for our business. We frequently receive large numbers of CAD files and are tasked with sorting through those and figuring out which we truly need. Previously, we had to use AutoCAD to convert every file because we had no way to preview them right off the bat.”

Dana Hagar Director of Customer Success

Operations, Social Tables

Tip #4

Eliminate unnecessary emails

Tired of chasing who said what in which email? Fortunately, there’s a better way to gather all of those comments, questions, and project feedback—and get rid of those never-ending email threads once and for all.

Say goodbye to cluttered email threads

Dropbox helps ensure your team is always in sync with:

• Commenting. With Dropbox, comment anywhere on an image or file— including Excel, Photoshop, and Sketch files—without special software. Send out notifications to collaborators automatically, eliminating the need for messy email threads.

• Auto-sync for file changes. Get instant notifications when someone views, edits, moves, or deletes files and folders. This way, you’re always in the loop if something changes.

• Dropbox Paper. A collaborative workspace where teams can work together in real time. With Paper’s editing features and lightweight task management tools, it’s easier to coordinate projects, run brainstorms, hold meetings, and review work.

“As a rapidly growing company, we’re always looking for ways to help our team work better and faster. We use Paper for many of our workflows, from design reviews to collecting and aggregating user feedback on rental experiences and new features. The real- time commenting and editing features make project collaboration seamless and our team loves the clean design and integrated support for so many formatting options.”

Sam Zaid CEO, Getaround

Tip #5

Prevent version control mix-ups

You’re a product manager needing to edit a deck with a teammate at the same time. Managing version control can be a headache, especially when there are multiple people editing the same document or file. Keep everyone’s creative contributions organized and in sync with Dropbox.

Eliminate confusion with the badge

With the Dropbox badge, it’s easy to see who’s collaborating with you. Get alerts if people are viewing or editing a Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel file saved in Dropbox, and update to the latest version with a single click. Thanks to the built-in version history and backup features in Dropbox, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll never lose your work.

“I love the Dropbox badge. We work from a shared folder and we can see when somebody else is modifying it, when it’s locked, when they have a new version up. And it’s just made working with remote employees really, really slick.”

Nick Ward Vice President, Digital Channels,

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Tip #6

Bypass hard drive space limits

Whether you’re developing an app or rendering a video, creative flow means not having to think about hard drive space. Luckily with Dropbox Smart Sync, you no longer have to play musical chairs with your files and folders to free up space.

Don’t sacrifice your files for space

With Smart Sync, reclaiming space is easy. Simply choose which files you want to store locally on your device, and keep the rest in your Dropbox account. You can still view and instantly access every file or folder you’ve created, without sacrificing a ton of space on your hard drive.

“Dropbox Smart Sync has been a savior. We just have so much content, that simple change on Dropbox’s platform was exactly what we needed to create some semblance of a traditional file server.”

David Richardson IT Manager, Lonely Planet

Tip #7

Gather information in one place

Requesting and gathering files shouldn’t require a Ph.D. in folder management. No matter where your collaborators live and work—San Francisco, Amsterdam, or Dubai—it’s simple to get everyone on the same page.

Collaborate at lightning speed

With Dropbox file requests, it’s easy to gather files from anyone in the world, whether or not they have a Dropbox account. File requests organize your files— from construction project bids to research proposals to film submissions—into a single folder in your Dropbox account.

“File requests have provided a very fast and simple way of collecting large amounts of data from my collaborators, who are located around the world. Using a file request removes any concerns I might have with file sizes or storage quotas, and enables me to get the data I need without much thought or coordination.”

Dr. Min Shin Professor and Assistant Dean, Computer Science, UNC Charlotte

Tip #8

Avoid paper overload

Great ideas can strike at any time. Whether it’s a note from a brainstorming session on a whiteboard or a receipt you need for your expense report—saving your work with the Dropbox doc scanner keeps your creative flow organized and secure.

Digitize your docs

The doc scanner lets you capture your important physical documents with the touch of a button. It automatically crops, straightens, and adjusts the contrast on your image so it’s easy to share with collaborators. With Dropbox Business, you can also search for text within scans, thanks to optical character recognition (OCR).

“Instead of showing up to a meeting with brochures and menus stapled together, we’re putting together slideshows and menu libraries that planners can easily access on their iPads using Dropbox Business.”

Pamela Brunson Senior Vice President of Marketing and Development, Wolfgang Puck

With Dropbox Business, going from friction to flow is possible. Don’t spend hours or days mastering the art of file sharing and folder organization. Overcome “work about work” with Dropbox Business, so you can stay in your creative flow.

For more information on how Dropbox Business can help your team stay in sync, talk to our team.