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Mobile and Fixed, the perfect partners

Mobile and Fixed, the perfect partners for an always on workplace Mobile and fixed lines can enhance an always on workplace. This type of working environment has many benefits that see the rise of staff and customer retention – employees feel more in control of their work, they’re able to integrate their work and social [...]

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Nfon – The Journey so far…

Nfon – The Journey so far… A major milestone for BtL in 2016, was the contract we signed with Nfon, making BtL a diamond partner. This marked the beginning of what we hope will be a long partnership between the two companies. BtL has worked with a number of different partners over the past [...]

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Investing locally: The BtL Apprenticeship scheme.

Investing locally: The BtL Apprenticeship scheme. Over the past few months, two more apprentices have been working hard to complete their training and finish their qualification. As they take the next step, we are proud to acknowledge their accomplishments and would like to share some of their thoughts on the learning experience and life [...]

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Building gigabit cities with BtL

Building gigabit cities with BtL The digital revolution is here. Having a smartphone in the UK is now the norm, and internet usage in the UK has been skyrocketing year after year. However, much of the infrastructure in the UK can no longer withstand the growing demand for access to the digital sphere. [...]

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What is Gigabit Britain?

What is Gigabit Britain? There is a lot of talk about the growing digital economy but what exactly does ‘Gigabit Britain’ mean? Essentially it encapsulates the vision and determination to build gigabit-capable internet speeds across the UK. So, businesses and consumers alike can benefit from enhanced connectivity and faster downloads. The technology is available, it [...]

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Croud Marketing

Croud Project Highlights Replaced the previously unreliable system with a highly resilient Cloud telephony service. Reduced CapEx by providing  a flexible SoftPhone solution. Provided a future-proof solution, no longer dependent on costly and disruptive updates. Summary With offices in London and Shrewsbury in the UK, the multinational search marketing agency Croud Inc [...]

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Digital Infrastructure Fund

Digital Infrastructure Fund BtL are pleased to confirm the Treasury’s intention to provide £1bn to support the roll-out of pure fibre and 5G infrastructure as outlined in the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement 2016. It includes £400m dedicated to a digital infrastructure investment fund (DIF) which aims to increase commercial financing for emerging fibre [...]

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Gigabit broadband speeds – Five improvements for your business

Gigabit broadband speeds – Five improvements for your business Ultrafast, reliable and efficient gigabit speed broadband is revolutionising the way we do business. Set to make Reading one of an elite group of the most digitally advanced cities in the world, like Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, CityFibre’s pure-fibre network can help to transform your [...]

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Go for Growth

Go for Growth With companies now relying on internet connectivity more than ever before, and businesses in Reading expecting to increase profits, investments and staff levels over the next 12 months, the importance of being connected to an ultrafast, reliable network is becoming increasingly apparent. CityFibre’s pure-fibre network is revolutionising the way companies [...]

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