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BtL Communication Data Sheet Cloud

Online Back-up & Data protection platform BtL’s Online Backup solution provides a fully automated, encrypted and intelligent data backup and recovery platform, giving businesses of any size the peace of mind that their data is protected and retrievable. As a caretaker of our customers’ [...]

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Find your 90’s technology persona

Find your 90's technology persona! A lot has changed over the past 20 years, making it hard to keep up with all the ways advances in cloud technology impact small businesses like yours. Ready to see where you stand? The following statistics describe how SMBs experience the cloud today. [...]

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Protect Microsoft Office 365 content with BtL Maa360

Microsoft Office 365 offers a user-friendly, fast and collaboration-friendly suite of applications (apps), which can be used on any device from anywhere. However, there may  be better solutions for securing Office 365  content than going “all-in” with Microsoft’s mobility, endpoint and identity management tools. Scroll onward and see: Common industry [...]

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Microsoft Business Class Email

06:15 AM Score a new client Checking email from her phone before getting out of bed, Joy sees that a client has referred someone to VanArsdel, Ltd.! 07:30 AM Manage prospects Fully caffeinated, Joy researches the new prospect. She emails her notes with [...]

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Password security and protocol

Password security and protocol Passwords are the most common way for your organisation and the people in it to prove identity when banking, making purchases and other transactional online activities, accessing services, using email and accessing computers themselves (via User Accounts). The use of strong passwords and their secrecy is therefore vital [...]

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BtL Communication June 2019 Newsletter

    If you are having trouble reading this click here for the web version    News and updates to help you stay in the know!   Discover how unified communications could help your business become more agile. Internet safety starts with you, and the first issue to focus on is choosing secure passwords for your [...]

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Internet safety starts with you! Many day-to-day things we do online require the use of passwords to access the service – be it shopping, banking, entertainment, subscriptions or a host of others. Passwords are the key to our online lives, which makes them very attractive to fraudsters, identity thieves [...]

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Put your business in the front seat

Put your business in the front seat Remember your old car? It seemed fine until you drove your friend’s new model. Your email seems fine too, but like the new car with auto-driving, a back-up camera and roadside assistance, it could be so much better. Businesses like yours use email more than any [...]

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Stay connected whenever and wherever

Time  of  Day  Routing  allows  you  to  route calls  to  different  locations  based  on the  Time  &  Day.  For  example,  you can  route  calls  during  your  business hours  to  the  office  and  then  have  calls sent  to  voicemail  or  a  mobile  after  hours Easily tailor the Time of Day [...]

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10 characterisitics of an agile business

10 Characteristics of an agile business Serious about becoming an agile business?  Discover why introducing unified communications could be the answer With an increase in employee requests for remote working and flexible hours, the businesses that will stay ahead of the curve are those that are willing to introduce measures to [...]

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