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Avaya Communication Manager

Avaya Communication Management System (CMS) offers integrated analysis and reporting to help you keep in touch with virtually everything that’s going on in your contact centre – whether you want to evaluate the performance of one agent, a group of agents, a single contact centre, or multiple locations around the world. Avaya Call Management System provides robust real-time monitoring and historical reporting, including custom reporting, task scheduling, exception notification, threshold warning, administration and configuration, and long-term data storage.

Benefits of the Avaya Communication Management System:

Increased call volume without adding staff. You can leverage historical data to develop new and improved procedures that will increase performance and minimize costs.

Enhance productivity while keeping close control on costs. You can take advantage of historical reports to analyze trends, establish performance benchmarks, and plan new, more effective marketing or customer service campaigns.

Improve customer satisfaction. When you use Avaya CMS to leverage information to improve staffing, call flow, and service levels — you’ll win your customers’ loyalty with your superior service and support.

Recruit and retain top agents. Using information to create a more efficient and effective contact centre in support of both excellence and quality related metrics has the proactive side benefit of creating a better place to work and grow, thereby increasing your ability to attract and retain optimal talent.

Supports business continuity. Avaya CMS provides two options for contact centre data resiliency. With high availability CMS, two systems operate in tandem, providing for data redundancy. The survivable CMS offer provides for business continuity in multi-location contact centres, providing for continued operation in the event of a disaster at the controlling site.

All Avaya products are easy to integrate Avaya CMS Supervisor supports your existing TCP/IP Ethernet LAN connections for access to Avaya CMS capabilities. Avaya CMS Supervisor can be loaded onto your server and downloaded across the LAN to your networked PCs. Instantly access your critical data anytime, anywhere.

  • Analyze call flow
  • Match your personnel resources and skills to call volumes and caller needs
  • Identify areas where you can increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Plan new marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Identify training needs
  • Take fast, effective action to improve the overall efficiency of your contact centre operations
  • Integrate data with mainframe-based documents such as sales and marketing reports

Includes more than 200 pre-formatted reports help you see where you are in achieving your critical objectives. In addition, our custom reports package lets you modify those reports, or create your own, to fit your individual requirements.

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