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Meet the new Dropbox

Meet the new Dropbox Bring together your files, your tools, and people, with an all-new Dropbox experience, including a new desktop app. [...]

Avoid Video Calling Misery

Avoid video calling misery with full-fibre internet connectivity New technology has changed the way we do business. The most significant shift has undoubtedly been around [...]

Keep Your Business Safe Online

Keep Your Business Safe online Running a business is challenging enough without having to deal with the outcome of fraud and other online and data security issues.   [...]

Meeting makeovers

Your 5 step guide to meeting makeovers How to use cloud services to meet up, save time and get more done If there  is one thing almost everyone in business can [...]

Leased lines & Ethernet

Leased Lines and Ethernet Fast Reliable Secure Leased line and Ethernet circuits enable businesses to meet the demanding  immediate requirement of their operations for fast, [...]

How connectivity is enabling better business for all

How connectivity is enabling better business  for all Connectivity is everywhere Spotify.  Netflix. Dropbox. Whatsapp. Cloud-based applications like these are part of daily life now.  And the amount [...]

The cost of missed calls

Whats the cost of a missed call? Find out exactly how much a missed call costs your company -it’s probably more than you expect. In today’s connected world, being [...]

BtL Collaborate Unified Communications

Collaborate A complete unified communications experience Communication has always been essential to the success of any business. Today,  more so than ever,  your  business needs to be agile to [...]

Telephony Priorities

Telephony Priorities How to balance your telephony priorities It can seem like an insurmountable task to balance supplier consolidation, technology change and facilitating mobile working, all at once. But the rapidly changing world [...]

Disaster Recovery Planning

In-Depth Disaster Recovery Planning In-Depth Disaster Recovery Planning What Would Happen to Your Business If Your Most Important IT Infrastructure Or Applications Went Down Tomorrow? Seriously—think about it. [...]

The Business benefits of unified communications

The business benefits of truly unified communications Simple. Flexible. Powerful. Reliable. Welcome to truly unified business communications. For the first time, through a single solution, you can deliver all the telephony [...]

Hosted telephony can help strengthen your business

  Discover how hosted telephony can help strengthen your communications and be flexible enough to adapt, as your business adapts to changes   It’s important to understand your options when choosing a hosted telephony solution, [...]

Is inefficient mobile working damaging your business?

Is inefficient mobile working damaging your business? Mobile working is now the norm and yet: 80% of workers feel it’s harder to work in mobile teams.* 33% cite poor communications as their greatest challenge when [...]

Queued call back

Queued call-back What is Queued call-back? Have you ever called a company only to remain on hold for countless minutes? Wishing they could call you back when someone’s actually available to talk? Then look [...]

The changing face of Office

Microsoft Office 365 review The changing face of Office By David Nield, www.techradar.com                             Think business, and you think Microsoft Office, and [...]

Smoke Loader chokes Windows in a new way

A notorious downloader malware named Smoke Loader has been in use since 2011 but has seen a spike of activity in 2018, including a brand-new method of spreading malware on a Windows system. One of [...]

BtL Communication Annual Golf Day 2018

Great day for BtL Annual Golf Day June 5th 2018 A great turn out for our Annual Golf Day at Bearwood Lakes, after a delicious breakfast of Bacon Rolls the groups started [...]

Welcome to our new company accountant Gareth

We would all like to welcome Gareth Bird to BtL Communication who has joined us as our company accountant. Gareth has worked in a variety of industries as a company accountant, which led him to [...]

10 Reasons why you should use Microsoft teams

We’ve all heard about Microsoft Teams, In modern business, we thrive from being mobile. We can go anywhere at any time and take our office with us. Here is where Microsoft Teams comes into play… [...]

Technology talent heads to Britain

Technology talent heads to Britain Britain is Europe’s most popular destination for immigrants with technology skills while London is the top city for technology talent within Europe, according to new figures Dominic Lipinski/PA The UK [...]

Breakdown: Microsoft 365 Business & Enterprise explained

At Inspire, Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 – the all new service that brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Microsoft 365 presents us with a strategically intelligent and secure solution to empower [...]

BtL’s SmartMeeting Cloud Conferencing Solution

BtL's SmartMeeting Now there's a better way to manage your budgets and improve productivity If you are anything like most UK SME's you've needed to:   Drive more revenue and higher margins [...]

Call diverts for the festive season

Have you thought about who will be answering your calls during the festive season? The best thing is to call us and raise a ticket we will need to know: which number you need to [...]

Congratulations to the finalists for the TVBMA

Best Use of Technology sponsored by CityFibre and BtL Finalists: Conveyancing Data Services Europa Technologies Navtech Radar SafeToNet CityFibre and BtL, the pioneers of the full-fibre Gigabit City project in the Thames Valley, are delighted [...]

Meet our Operations team based in Kenya

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Operations team based in Kenya. The team have been together now for just over a year and are going from strength [...]

Is weak digital infrastructure damaging business growth?

Is weak digital infrastructure damaging business growth? Across the UK, thousands of businesses are ready to unlock their potential. We sit on the brink of a digital revolution but outdated infrastructure is holding us back [...]

Worth the 20 year wait for the new Lexicon!

AFTER a nearly 20 year wait the date for the grand opening of Bracknell town centre's long-promised regeneration project has been set. One of the largest urban regeneration schemes currently being built in the UK [...]

10 Great features of Office 365

10 Great features of Office 365 Office 365 is much, much more than just email; here are 10 great features of Office 365. You get additional applications with a professional subscription. For businesses, driving productivity [...]

Microsoft Office 365 Monthly update

Some of the features of Microsoft Office 365 You’re “Go To” office anywhere Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, you get a familiar, top-of-the-line set of productivity tools. Office applications —always [...]

Protect More Fear less with Sonic Wall

Protect More Fear Less with Sonic Wall Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) have become the new norm in network security for organizations of all sizes. Unlike their predecessors which offered limited protection from today’s continually evolving threats, [...]

5 ways to benefit from moving to the cloud

Check out these 5 ways every business, large or small, can benefit from moving to the Cloud. Never Overspend on Essential Services Again Cloud services are easily and efficiently scalable meaning that you can add [...]

BtL Communication Annual Golf Day June 2017

BtL Communication Annual Golf Day A great day for BtL Communication for their 5th Annual Golf Day on June 19th 2017, held at Bearwood Lakes Golf Course, Berkshire. We were blessed with a beautiful June [...]

Not Just CTI, Digital Transformation

Changes in how customers interact with businesses are happening in the context of digital transformation. Today, when a contact center receives a phone call, it's from an educated customer who has used an average of [...]

How Network Managed Services can be helpful

Network Managed Services are one of the most significant components of any business. Management of numerous elements of these elements has to be ensured for the proper functioning of the company. That is why the [...]

Nfon – The Journey so far…

Nfon – The Journey so far… A major milestone for BtL in 2016, was the contract we signed with Nfon, making BtL a diamond partner. This marked the beginning of what we hope will [...]

Investing locally: The BtL Apprenticeship scheme.

Investing locally: The BtL Apprenticeship scheme. Over the past few months, two more apprentices have been working hard to complete their training and finish their qualification. As they take the next step, we are [...]

Building gigabit cities with BtL

Building gigabit cities with BtL The digital revolution is here. Having a smartphone in the UK is now the norm, and internet usage in the UK has been skyrocketing year after year. However, much of the [...]

What is Gigabit Britain?

What is Gigabit Britain? There is a lot of talk about the growing digital economy but what exactly does ‘Gigabit Britain’ mean? Essentially it encapsulates the vision and determination to build gigabit-capable internet speeds across [...]

Digital Infrastructure Fund

Digital Infrastructure Fund BtL are pleased to confirm the Treasury’s intention to provide £1bn to support the roll-out of pure fibre and 5G infrastructure as outlined in the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement 2016. [...]

Go for Growth

Go for Growth With companies now relying on internet connectivity more than ever before, and businesses in Reading expecting to increase profits, investments and staff levels over the next 12 months, the importance [...]

Welcome to the new BtL blog

Welcome to the new BtL blog This is where we will be looking to share our knowledge and company activities. We hope you like the look and feel. We also hope that it’s [...]


Welcome to the BTL blog, packed full of the information that keeps us ticking.