Customer Referrals

At BtL we have always felt that our best ambassadors should be our customers.

Our customer referral programme is straight forward; for simply introducing BtL to other companies you are associated with, be that a customer, supplier or just other companies you know, we will pay a 3% referral commission.

To refer a company, simply email with the contact details or they can contact BtL on 0800 011 4088 stating your company name as a reference.

The referral fee will be a 3% of the referred customers spend with BtL in their first year (paid quarterly). This amount will be credited off your own invoice. So the more they spend the more significant impact, there is no limit to how many referrals and how much we can pay you. The commission could even wipe out your own BtL bill.

For example, if a referred customer’s spend is £25,000 with BtL over the course of a year, BtL will credit back £750 to your account!

So if you’re happy with the service BtL provide then why not spread the word whilst saving more money?

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Partner Quote

  • Managing Director:

    “As a company, we found BtL to be an excellent and reliable partner, treating our valued customers professionally at all times while allowing us to extend our service offering into areas where we do not have the in-house skills to do so. From our experience, they work honestly and ethically and pay all commissions on time and without quibble.

    I would be happy to answer any and all questions that you have with regards to working with BtL.”