At BtL, we take pride in our customer service and customer retention rate. Our customers stay with us because of our excellent customer service and the savings they have received on their business telecoms. With an average yearly saving of 25% when you move your lines and calls to BtL, What does your business have to lose? If you would like to experience our customer service and great savings, get a free communications audit from us and we will show you what we can do for your business.

Due to BtL‘s privacy policy none of our customers full names have been mentioned. However you can request a full case study which includes names and customers stories. See what some of our customers have to say about our great service and savings:

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  • Payment Sense – IT Manager:

    “We chose BtL because they provided a single source for all of our telecom needs. With their vendor independence, we felt that BtL was able to integrate much stronger solutions by bringing together best of breed technology. Also, due to their varied installed base, BtL had more experience with unique solutions to suit our telecoms needs and to provide a broad base of experience.”

  • Intuit UK – Technical Manager:

    “Although BtL came in to provide, on the face of it, a simple commodity services, it was evident from our first meeting that they could provide much more and were capable of developing the relationship from that of a supplier to a business partner. To our surprise they delivered huge savings on inbound and outbound calls and went on to provide the crucial intelligent call routing platform we use today.”

  • Journey Group – Head of IT:

    “BtL provided a path to reduce our ongoing telecoms expenditure, but crucially also provided professional services as part of the solution to offer advice and manage the implementation throughout.”

  • WMS – IT Manager:

    “BtL provided an inexpensive IVR solution that was tailored to meet all our requirements. Other services have since been handed over to BtL to support and the support has been ‘hassle-free with good ‘jargon-free’ communications and support is always readily available.”

  • Contact the Elderly – Director:

    “We have been with BtL since 2006 and have never had any problems with their levels of service. Most importantly for us, the service has been very reliable and they have proactively ensured that we are always on the best tariff. Moving from BT has reduced our lines by over £850 a year which will help support new volunteers. We would recommend BtL to any kind of business.”