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We would like to start by asking businesses in the Thames valley to complete the annual Thames Valley Business Barometer survey, especially important in the lead up to Brexit. 

Look at how an Ultra-Fast Fibre connection can help improve your business. BankBI are delighted with their connection request a copy of the case study.

Modern businesses thrive on being mobile, make sure you are making the most of your workforce with Microsoft Teams.

Discover the array of options that BtL has to offer you for your perfect hosted voice solution.

In our meet the team feature we introduce you to Gareth bird our new company accountant.

Find out more about SD WAN a radical new way to design and deploy a WAN.

Make sure you keep up to date with the latest news on Office 365, just watch the short YouTube clip.

Find out how the Data Support Agency can help you with GDPR.


Thames Valley Business Barometer 2018

We are a member of the business panel that supports the Barometer, and would like to invite you to take part in the latest survey.  This should only take you five minutes and all responses are anonymous.

In the months leading up to Brexit it’s especially important to make sure we let the government know what business is thinking.

Please follow the Link below to complete the short BDO survey and let your thoughts be known.

Thames Valley Business Barometer 2018

Robert Lamden, Managing Director, BtL

Gigabit connectivity means: Download and upload large files in a matter of minutes and save on productivity.

As a business employs more people and opens new premises, so their networking requirements become more complex. True resilience also becomes vital to ensure no sites, systems or customer interfaces grind to a halt and that employees are never left unable to do their jobs or serve customers. Traditionally this has demanded costly managed service additions and bandwidth upgrades. Ultra Fast Full Fibre changes all of this by moving the control of networks closer to the end customer. Network management and equipment expense can be reduced significantly because the underlying fibre infrastructure is fit for the future from day one – ready to be scaled up on demand as a business grows, and for little extra cost.

Here’s what Graham Goble, CEO, BankBI has to say about their new 500Mbps Ultra-Fast Fibre Connection.

“BankBI provides a cloud based performance management solution for over sixty financial services clients in forty countries. Imagine trying to create and run this business via a 15mb internet line. This was the reality until just a few months ago.The installation of the CityFibre 500mb line by BTL has been one of the catalysts that has seen our business grow and improve significantly in its efficiencies. We used to worry about the impact uploading and downloading files would have on customer sales webinars and calls but since the new line was installed we no longer have these issues”

If you would like to receive a copy of the Case Study please complete this form

For more information on how to connect to the CityFibre network in the Thames Valley visit our website or call our sales team 0800 011 4088.

We’ve all heard about Microsoft Teams, In modern business, we thrive from being mobile.

We can go anywhere at any time and take our office with us. Here is where Microsoft Teams comes into play… A modern collaboration tool which is built to elevate and enhance online collaboration even further.

Here at BtL we are already using Microsoft office teams and are finding great benefits towards productivity.

Hosted Voice an easier and more cost effective way to manage your telephony

Allocate one single number to users which can be used across all devices. So, whether you’re in the office or on the move, you can take calls on your desk phone, mobile, tablet or PC

BtL have a number of hosted voice offerings and take a requirements based approach to selecting the best solution for your business.

New Team Members
Meet Gareth Bird our new Company Accountant.  
SD-WAN is a radical new way to design and deploy a WAN.

It gives end users, network engineers and Service Providers the ability to adjust, optimise, automate and test their WAN connections through software controls.

Customer sites become more aware, to enhance the customer experience of Cloud.

The main driver of SD-WAN is to lower WAN cost whilst still providing the functionality of an MPLS configured network

Stay up to date with the Microsoft Office 365 updates released for April 2018.
This handy video will tell you all the tips, tricks and new releases from the past month.

GDPR solutions for SME

A perfect solution to help organisations establish where they need to focus to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

24/7 access to a dedicated portal containing tools, templates and processes plus one of the most comprehensive FAQs available. Upload, download, manage your support tickets online and see how compliant you really are. Speak, email or chat with a UK-based support desk to help you resolve GDPR queries



SALES TEAM ON 0800 011 4088