Building gigabit cities with BtL

The digital revolution is here. Having a smartphone in the UK is now the norm, and internet usage in the UK has been skyrocketing year after year. However, much of the infrastructure in the UK can no longer withstand the growing demand for access to the digital sphere.

Computers and the internet

To help combat this and lead companies into the future, BtL has partnered with leaders in the digital revolution, CityFibre. Together with CityFibre, we aim to build Gigabit Britain – enabling internet connectivity across the whole of the UK which has previously languished behind its European counterparts.

UK Fttp

For businesses, reliant on the so called ‘fibre’ broadband services, already in place the key differentiator of a pure fibre network is the lack of copper in the ‘last mile’ of your connection. Fibre broadband services are only as strong as the weakest link in the network i.e. the copper wire. With pure fibre from the exchange right through to your business premises there is no copper bottleneck to slow your connection, restrict your upload capabilities and introduce latency.

Pure fibre network

The first steps for us in this partnership is to build (what we call) ‘gigabit cities’. These are highly connected cities that have a purpose built, pure fibre network that is independent of all other infrastructure providers. This makes it ideal for those seeking resilience or a fresh, agile alternative to existing suppliers. BtL have launched this service in Reading and Bracknell with Slough & Maidenhead to follow later this year.

Our offering provides:

  • Protection supplied with dual layer 2 devices and OLT card diversity
  • Backhaul diversity from city to internet exchanges
  • Our own PoPs with dual power supplies and chambers
  • Ultra-low latency with millisecond response times
  • A proven record of network reliability.

The launch of these cities will enable BtL to provide companies with new cloud-based technologies in a genuinely efficient package that are tailored to meet individual company requirements.

Cloud-based solutions that will benefit from enhanced connectivity include Hosted Telephony, Office 365, Hosted Exchange, SharePoint and Hosted Desktop.

Microsoft Office 365 logo
BtL hosted exchange

Benefiting from this new approach, BtL believes that businesses will be able to boost productivity and access greater bandwidth to:

  • Eliminate bottle necking
  • Gain ultra-fast data transfers
  • Safely send and store large files online
  • Avoid annoying video conferencing lag

For more information on the services we offer, to get an invite to the Slough or Maidenhead launch get in touch with us below:

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