Call logging

Call logging

Acquire a detailed understanding of your voice system with a BtL call logging solution. A company’s telephone system is one of the most important investments an organisation can make so it’s crucial to always make sure it is performing how you need it to. A BtL call logging solution can provide you with a tailored and efficient solution with detailed reporting and powerful alerting capabilities to ensure that you are always getting the most out of your system.

Why might I need call logging?

  • Identifies cost savings
  • Provides real-time usage monitoring and exception alerting
  • Capacity planning and trend reporting easily accessible
  • Can help productivity improvement
  • Impressive fraud tracking options


  • Save costs – Be in control of your communication costs by identifying excessive personal telephone calls as well as spotting high cost calls and fraudulent activity in real time. BtL’s call logging solution also enables you to choose the most cost effective provider with the ability to compare your different carriers.
  • Return on investment – A call management solution can reduce your telecoms spend by 10-15% and often you can expect return on investment under four months as it can help you reduce call and line rental costs, understand business trends and staff allocation as well as ensuring staff are meeting key performance indicators. It also can help protect against any potential misuse and fraud.
  • Fraud prevention – Telephone fraud and hacking is on the increase and estimated to be costing companies £5 billion in the UK and more than £40 billion a year worldwide, and is becoming the largest source of fraud across the UK.  A call logging solution can alert you on any suspicious calls that may occur to enable you to take action fast before it becomes an issue. Click through to find out more about this particular service.
  • Increase productivity – A BtL call logging solution is great for highlighting busy times when your resources may need reallocation. It can also help identify unnecessary long duration calls as well as monitoring both fixed line and mobile calls.
  • Proven scalability – can work for single site businesses to large multinational enterprises.
  • Improve customer service – Set and track smart targets for key performance indicators and display them on the call logging wallboard. You can also produce trend reports and track missed, outgoing and incoming calls to highlight where you may need to increase capacity.
  • Highly flexible – Address your individual business needs with the easy customisation options our call logger solution provides.
  • Access policies – Depending on your business needs, you can restrict users and groups to specific tasks and reports.
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