An introduction to Our Operation’s Director Phil Evans

My journey into IT and Comms started at school when I was accepted into an Electrical Engineering scholarship program with the New Zealand Post Office. Four years later I graduated and started work for what is now known as Telecom New Zealand.  In my initial years I worked in the core network engineering and planning [...]

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Technology talent heads to Britain

Technology talent heads to Britain Britain is Europe’s most popular destination for immigrants with technology skills while London is the top city for technology talent within Europe, according to new figures Dominic Lipinski/PA The UK remained Europe’s top destination for technology investment and talent this year, despite evidence of pessimism among some British founders over [...]

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Breakdown: Microsoft 365 Business & Enterprise explained

At Inspire, Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 – the all new service that brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Microsoft 365 presents us with a strategically intelligent and secure solution to empower every business’ employees, stimulating creativity and collaboration in, or out of, the workplace. Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft referred to Microsoft [...]

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BtL’s Start Meeting Cloud Conferencing Solution

BtL's Start Meeting Now there's a better way to manage your budgets and improve productivity If you are anything like most UK SME's you've needed to:   Drive more revenue and higher margins Shorten your sales cycle Meet with remote prospects and customers Reduce travel expenses Now, there's a better way to manage your [...]

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