Welcome to the newest members of the team here at BtL

Welcome to our two newest members of the team here at BtL Communication.  We welcome David O'Donovan as an Operations Consultant and Shane Byrne as our newest Operations Apprentice.  We all hope that you enjoy working with our teams in Bracknell, Kenya and Tenerife. David O'Donovon has recently  joined BtL Communication as an [...]

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10 Reasons why you should use Microsoft teams

We’ve all heard about Microsoft Teams, In modern business, we thrive from being mobile. We can go anywhere at any time and take our office with us. Here is where Microsoft Teams comes into play… A modern collaboration tool which is built to elevate and enhance online collaboration even further. So, in this blog, we’re [...]

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An introduction to Our Operation’s Director Phil Evans

My journey into IT and Comms started at school when I was accepted into an Electrical Engineering scholarship program with the New Zealand Post Office. Four years later I graduated and started work for what is now known as Telecom New Zealand.  In my initial years I worked in the core network engineering and planning [...]

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Technology talent heads to Britain

Technology talent heads to Britain Britain is Europe’s most popular destination for immigrants with technology skills while London is the top city for technology talent within Europe, according to new figures Dominic Lipinski/PA The UK remained Europe’s top destination for technology investment and talent this year, despite evidence of pessimism among some British founders over [...]

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