Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony Systems from NFON uses the Internet to make and receive calls. You can access the telephony features anywhere you have an Internet connection: from the office, another site, home office or on the road using a smartphone or laptop. The system is flexible, scalable and simple to use. There are no long-term contracts and it has a low set up cost in comparison to traditional PBX systems.

Cloudya the new freedom in business communications

  • Versatile Web Interface :- Make calls directly from your PC or laptop.

  • Your mobile office:- All the professional functions available from your office extension.

  • Always up to date:- Cloudya is maintenence free.

  • Accessible PBX functions:- Delivering all the PBX fuctions you need.

  • Virtual Reality;- Using virtual conferencing saves time and money.

  • Flexible call options:- You decide which calls to take or send to voicemail.

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The System

The technology behind BtL’s cloud telephony system is fairly simple. The cloud telephony system is not installed locally in your company, but operates in several highly secure external data centres, which are reached by VOIP technology (voice over internet protocol).
This system allows you to always be available, reliably, for both your customers and partners. A key advantage is that hardware phones can also be used with other VOIP telephone systems, so the investment is not lost when switching phones.


Why choose cloud telephony for your business?

The BtL Cloud Telephony System

For BtL’s cloud telephony solution we utilise the Nfon system. Nfon is one of the most advanced cloud telephony systems in Europe. With the largest capacity in Europe, they’re an obvious pick for large organisations. The tiny user minimum makes them an apetising solution for smaller organisations as well.

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