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Roads Closed, Flights Cancelled, Euro Star Delayed?…Important Meetings?!

Turn to Snow Bound Conferencing and Cloud Computing from BtL Communication, the only Disaster Recovery and back up solution for your company needs.

BtL can supply your business with a range of Conferencing Solutions, including Audio, Video and Web Conferencing. So if you get snowed under with work or snowed in and just don’t the have time or the option to travel to meetings, you can still meet face to face.

Free Audio Conferencing PINS Available Today!

BtL’s Conferencing solutions have been designed to help UK businesses stay in face-to-face contact with colleagues, suppliers, partners or clients when disasters such as adverse weather conditions or transport strikes hinder business travel. Disruption caused by the heavy snowfall at the beginning of 2009 cost UK businesses about £1bn, business groups estimated. So don’t get left in the cold.

Cloud Computing

BtL’s Virtual Office allows you to log on to your corporate system from any computer connected to the internet, anytime and from anywhere in the world.
Companies of all sizes are using the cloud to boost their business. Some of them are using it to enable remote working, while others employ it to cut costs. Some entrepreneurs are choosing the cloud to create entirely new kinds of businesses.

The Facts:

  • 62% of UK workers would be happier and more productive working from home
  • 75% of UK office workers are in jobs that offer no flexibility in where they carry out their work
  • 12% of the working population regularly or permanently work from home increasing by just a fifth over the last ten years
  • Only 22% of the UK workers surveyed would choose to work in a traditional office
  • 55% of employers said their employees were negatively affected by the daily commute to work
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