Cloudya The new freedom in business communications

Cloudya allows you to break the chains of traditional communications solutions. With one number and one inbox, employees can stay in contact and work more productively wherever they are, and whichever device they’re using.

Choose the right communications tools for your business

You depend on your phone system every minute of every day. As long as your people can stay in touch, you can deliver projects on time, provide great experiences for your customers and keep everything running like clock- work.

But the wrong phone system can hold your business back. It might be difficult to reach colleagues who are working out of the office, for example, which impacts your productivity. Your phones may also be difficult to deploy, maintain and use, increasing workloads and frustration.

To overcome all this, you need a single number for reaching employees, wherever they’re working and whatever device they’re using. You also need communications tools that are simple to use and look after, and always available when you need them. That’s what we call freedom in business communications.

Cloudya delivers even more freedom of communications for your business.

Cloudya helps you overcome three major communication challenges, enabling you to maximise your productivity and grow your bottom line.

1 – Complex, costly communications tools.

Cloudya makes things better with simple, intuitive communications tools and a single phone number and inbox for reaching every employee. With fewer missed calls and messages, you can speed up interactions and maxi- mise your productivity.

By simplifying deployment, management  and support, Cloudya solves this challenge and makes life better for your tech  teams.  With no physical infrastructure to manage,  and  simple  tools  for adding  and  managing users, IT can focus on more value-added work.

2 – Restricted communications with employees out of the office.

Cloudya provides independent communications tools that connect employees wherever they are working, on any device. This means you can speed up your communications, react to new opportunities faster and generate higher revenues for your business

3 – Frequent interruptions to critical communications services.

Cloudya is built on fully redundant architecture. With access to expert 24/7 support, Cloudya also helps you continue working efficiently at all times.

Is communication easy for your employees?

Does your phone system make it easy to contact your colleagues and customers, anywhere, any time?

With multiple phone numbers, inboxes and communications tools, your employees can get behind and miss important calls and messages.

To make things better, you need an easy way to stay in touch – and that means a single phone number and inbox for every employee. That way your call can be transferred through to them, whether they’re in the office, at home, or out and about on their mobile devices.


Are your communications tools simple to manage and support?

Phone systems can be difficult and expensive to deploy and maintain. That’s a problem for your tech people, who often find themselves in the office in the evenings and at weekends.

To make life better for everyone, you need communications tools that are not only easy to deploy but also simple to manage and support on an ongoing basis.

For easy communications, make sure your solution offers:

A simple, satisfying user experience, with

  • One phone number and inbox per employee

  • Call transfer between people and devices with a single swipe of your finger

  • Full control over how you want to be reached (office, home or mobile phone) at the push of a button

Increased focus on core tasks, with

  • An intuitive UI and simple communication features

  • Presence awareness showing colleagues’ availability

  • Tools for prioritising important calls and sending less important calls to voicemail

Fast, easy deployment and configuration, with

  • Plug-and-play deployment alongside your existing phone infrastructure

  • Zero-touch hardware auto-provisioning

Are your communciations independent?

Can your employees communicate quickly, wherever they’re working?

With legacy communications solutions, your employees can only be contacted  at the office. That means that response times are extended, making your business less responsive and less efficient. To overcome this challenge, you need a modern, joined-up communications solution that  supports  quick interactions between  employees, wherever they are working.

With this kind of solution, your employees can use their phones, mobile devices or web browsers to stay in touch from the office, from home or on the move. This means you can speed up your communications, react to new opportunities faster and generate higher revenues for your business.

Can you connect remote and home workers cost-effectively?

Providing communications services for remote and home workers can be costly and complicated. Most times an extra desk phone is needed, and there’s extra administra- tion to take care of, with additional cost implications.

To increase cost-efficiency, you need to connect remote workers quickly and simply, with no extra hardware.

With a best-in-class  communications  solution, this becomes possible. Employees can access enterprise-class communications features from their mobile device or PC, which saves you spending money on additional desk phones. You can also offer flexible working arrangements to your staff. And you can ensure that employees can be reached at all times, wherever they happen to be working

For truly independent communications, make sure your solution offers:

Full device independence, with

  • Native apps for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows

  • Calling from any device, including your office phone, home phone, business mobile or personal mobile

Full location independence, with

  • Access to user accounts from any internet-connected device (app or web browser)

  • The ability to stay in touch using Wi-Fi, 4G data or even cellular voice networks

  • Freedom from traditional office or home phones that previously tied you to specific work locations

More independence for your admins, based on

  • Reduced workloads, with web-browser access to accounts

  • The ability to support your company and your users from anywhere, at any time

Is your telephony reliable?

Are your communications tools always up and running to support your business?

All too often, legacy phone systems fall over, interrupting operations and impacting revenues. Many also require constant maintenance just to keep them running, driving up IT costs and causing frustration for technical teams.

To make things better, you need a communications solution that’s built on fully redundant architecture. You also need great technical support, with fast access to experts who can  answer  your questions  and  keep your solution optimised.

Does your communications solution comply with regulatory controls?

Many phone systems store data in unprotected  server rooms or in cloud data centres abroad. This means it’s difficult to comply with regulations for data storage, particularly where information needs to stay within the European Union, for example.

To streamline compliance, your communications solution needs to store data in fully compliant, EU data centres. This is what you get with today’s top-rated communica- tions solutions. As a result, you can be sure that you are complying with EU data storage and management rules, which helps to minimise the risk of regulatory fines and reputational damage.

Is your data secure?

Many legacy communications solutions store data in unprotected  environments in the server room or in the cloud. This creates obvious security risks that can lead to data breaches, reputational damage and regulatory fines.

To counter these risks, the best modern communications solutions offer end-to-end data protection. They also build in additional checks and balances, such as audits by trusted third-party security experts.

For reliable communications, make sure your solution offers:

High availability for voice services, based on

  • Fully redundant infrastructure that runs below 50 % capacity for real-time failover in the event of an outage

  • Redundant routing infrastructure and connections to multiple service providers and Internet exchanges

  • Geo-redundant data centres for availability in the event of a disruption at a particular site

Excellent quality of voice services, with

  • In-house service management from end to end

  • Regular quality checks by independent auditors

Endto-end data security, with

  • Secure by design’ architecture

  • Strict controls, with no risk of inadvertent data sharing with third parties

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