Prior to joining BtL Aaron worked as a sales assistant at a retail store in Bracknell. He decided that he wanted to look for a new challenge and as he was interested in IT he researched IT based companies in his local region that were offering apprenticeships.

BtL stood out as being the company that Aaron was most interested in working for because we provide a host of services within the telecoms industry that he found interesting.  Part of the interview process at BtL was to spend a day with the team at the Bracknell office, Aaron was keen to join a company where he could work as part of a team.

During his apprenticeship Aaron needed to complete theoretical as well as on the job practical training, including attending online webinar sessions which focused on specific subject in IT, such as network security. He was also required to travel to Reading, to attend the practical part of the course, this consisted of hands on learning and putting the skills he has learnt into real life jobs.

The knowledge and skills Aaron has learnt during his apprenticeship have helped him to develop an understanding of the operations role and helped him to provide support for our customers at BtL.

Now that Aaron has successfully passed his Apprenticeship he now has a new role as a ‘Operations Assistant’.

Since Aaron joined BtL he has met new people, learnt new transferrable skills and we hope he continues in his new role this for the foreseeable future and enjoys ongoing training and development as part of our Operations Team.