Congratulations to Callum Russell winner of Operations Person of the Year 2018 award


I am sure you would all like to join us in congratulating Callum Russell, Operations Consultant at BtL, on winning the award for Operations Person of for the Year 2018.

Callum joined BtL Communication in July of 2016 as a Technical Operations apprentice. This was following the successful completion of his A levels in Computing, Economics and History.

Since starting his career at BtL as an apprentice Callum has gone on to become a senior member of the team working alongside one of our team leaders as part of the highest tier in operations.

His attitude towards work and knowledge have meant that he has progressed within the team very quickly. A clear indicator of this progression is that Callum has won the award for Operations team member of the month on several occasions as well as the Operations Member of the year for 2018.

BtL believe Callum is one of our key team members within the operations team. We are keen to continue to challenge Callum and have provided him with some great training opportunities such as a Draytek course which Callum passed in March 2018 with a 100% score.

Although we all do appreciate the hard work he puts in Callum has been quoted as saying “if you love what you do, you never have to work another day in your life”.

In his spare time Callum enjoys playing golf, competitively when younger and more recently when being invited to the BtL golf day with the sales team and their clients, a tournament he managed to win much to the disappointment of the three times winner Sales Director Luke.