Congratulations to Jack Chappell Sales Person of the Year 2018

I am sure you would all like to join us in congratulating Jack Chappell, Account Manager at BtL on winning the award for Sales Person of the Year 2018.

Jack joined BtL in March 2015 after spending 3 months in Australia travelling. He was brought in as a Junior Account Manager to reduce the workload of some of the Senior Account Managers. Since then, Jack has moved to a more senior role in the Sales Team. Before joining BtL, he completed an apprenticeship in Business Studies whilst working for a CRM company in Crowthorne.

Jack’s biggest achievement to date at BtL has to be bringing the CityFibre network to the Molly Millars Business Park in Wokingham. The CityFibre network was over 3 kilometres from the Molly Millars Business Park, but after getting 20 companies to sign up for the service, CityFibre agreed to take the network to the Business Park. This was all done by knocking on doors, calling around and spreading the word through Social Media.

In his spare time, Jack enjoys watching football and spending time with his friends and family. Jack also enjoys travelling around the world, with his most recent trips to Paris in October and Tenerife the week before with the rest of the Sales Team.