Technical operations Apprenticeship - Jai and Callum

Congratulations to our newly qualified apprentices Jai and Callum.  They have both just completed their Terchnical Operations Apprenticeship with us, and are continuing to work in our Operations team at the Bracknell Office.

As part of the Techical Operations Apprenticeship that we run here at BtL the apprentices are involved in all aspects of the Operations team, building on their ever growing knowledge base month by month.  The apprentices are asked to complete and assist on tasks such as provisioning new services including – but not limited to – Telephone lines, SIP services, Web Hosting, ADSL connections, VPN networks, Mobile services, Telephone systems and Intelligent Network based solutions; Resolving faults on these services, using remote management tools, supplier portals, defined processes and intuition.  They also answer General telephone queries and be part of the operations team and liaising with suppliers primary and secondary as required.