BtL Ethernet

Your challenge is to keep your organisation flexible and responsive, and manage all your sites as if they were a single, unified entity. But, all too often, doing that only increases complexity in your organisation, and your effectiveness suffers as a result.

But there’s a simple answer: It’s a very straight-forward idea: you already use Ethernet for the LANs in each of your sites, so why not use the same technology to create a WAN?

You probably currently use the necessary equipment, and the operating costs (per mb) are low compared to other connection methods.

Less time will be spent sorting out the inevitable problems that arise when different technologies try to work with each other, and, most importantly, you’ll have a highly flexible network that’s agile and totally scalable.

So, it doesn’t matter whether your offices are distributed across the same city, country or throughout the world, if you have more than three sites an Ethernet VPN will have a direct impact on your effectiveness as an organisation, and the bottom line.

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