BtL Firewall

There is nothing glamorous about firewall management, yet it is so vital to maintaining a secure environment. Allowing a specialist to manage your firewall allows you to avoid the routine problems while ensuring or even enhancing security. Imagine this scenario; your network administrator recently made a change to your firewall rules.

Since his recent promotion or departure, some of these changes are leaving part of your DMZ open to attack.

You are trying to acquire backup help, but these skills are in short supply and no backup is available. Plus the business wants extended hours of support and you don’t have the people to introduce shifts and, anyway, would they be as skilled in your time of need?

The demand for firewall management is on the rise. Companies are struggling with the pace of technology changes, new security threats, dynamic network structures, rapid network growth, as well as the challenge of maintaining a quality staff. What options do you have?

BtL can manage firewalls on your site and in hosted environments, so we won’t be pushing you down a route you’re not comfortable with.

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