Fibre Ethernet

BtL Ethernet

Using fibre Ethernet circuits for your internet access provides a dedicated high-speed, uncontended bandwidth solution. Fibre Ethernet provides a circuit end-to-end, from Premises to POP (Point of Presence) or premises to premises (Point-to-Point). Fibre Ethernet is a symmetrical bandwidth solution that has lower overheads, greater throughput and higher reliability than all broadband (ADSL/SDSL) services.

Ethernet circuits can also be used for Point-to-Point connections or to provide a private MPLS network with shared Internet access breakout.

Most carriers will use BT Wholesale to deliver the local fibre circuit that terminates the circuit in the end-user premises and others will provide their own fibre. Ethernet provides flexible and scalable bandwidth options from 10Mb right up to 1Gb.

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