Leased Lines and Ethernet Circuits

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Leased Line and Ethernet Circuits are suitable for direct Internet access, MPLS VPNs and Point-to-Point connections. Larger businesses or businesses with specialist data requirements may want to consider other options such as a dedicated leased line connection. Our Ethernet Circuits offer speeds of up to 10Gbps symmetrical, and we offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) on our Ethernet circuits from 99.9% and 99.99% with a fail-over option.

Our leased lines offer speeds from 10MB up to 10GB and are all graded with 99.999% SLAs, along with symmetrical, uncontended bandwidth and guaranteed zero packet loss of service plus perfect call quality.

We provision circuits from all of the major UK carriers at the most competitive pricing in the channel. Services are available managed with a router or unmanaged as ‘wires only’. All managed circuits are proactively monitored 24/7.


For more information or for expected speeds at your location please call 0800 011 4088 or email

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