What is a BtL VPN?


A virtual private network (VPN) is a private data network that makes use of a third party’s telecommunication infrastructure, maintaining privacy through the use of a tunneling protocol and security procedures.

A virtual private network can be contrasted with a system of owned or leased lines that can only be used by one company. The idea of the IPVPN is to give the company the same capabilities at significantly lower cost by using the shared infrastructure of an outside partner rather than a private one.

BtL can offer the user the buying power of a major purchaser of bandwidth services, coupled with the comfort of a knowledgeable and experienced service provider working with only the premier network operators. Furthermore, this removes the stresses of maintaining a wide area network allowing you to concentrate of your day-to-day business critical functions.

What is a BtL VPN used for?

A virtual private network makes it possible to have the same secure sharing of resources for data without physical permanent data connections between sites. Companies today want the most from their information sources and exchanges, and want to be able to extend controlled access to data to their clients, vendors or partners to enhance their business proposition. These forward-thinking companies can look at using a private virtual network for both extranets and wide-area intranets.

How does a BtL VPN work?

Using a virtual private network involves connecting your sites to a carrier network via local tail circuits, encrypting data before sending it through the network and decrypting it at the receiving end. An additional level of security can involve encrypting not only the data but also the originating and receiving network addresses.

Whilst VPN’s can be successfully and cost effectively deployed over the world-wide web using IP Sec (a form of “tunnelling” over the public web involving client specific encryption clients supplied and managed by BtL), the superior method is via IP VPN. By using private IP bandwidth, you are not at the mercy of the rigours of the WWW. Furthermore, with the deployment of Multi protocol label Switching (MPLS), class of service prioritisation can be affixed to agreed types of traffic, making this network method able to handle varying and diverse types of traffic successfully and efficiently.

What is BtL IP VPN suitable for?

  • Voice and Data convergence, reducing usage charges for calls between sites to a fixed cost
  • Video conferencing, reducing ISDN usage charges and providing absolute reliability and quality of service
  • Networks where there is a need for “any to any” connectivity. All sites on the network are connected to all sites at all times

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