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BtL Mobility

Reduce your overheads. Increase your profits. Empower your people. Businesses all over the world are discovering the benefits of mobile computing. Click here to read about Mobile Data. Push email synchronises windows mobile devices with Exchange. Take your Exchange email, calendars, tasks and contacts everywhere you go.

Nearly everyone has heard of Blackberry’s revolutionising mobile email but imagine extending this and connecting your workers to the core of your business with nothing more than a wireless, palm-sized device or laptop. Imagine the competitive advantage that you could gain by having your people constantly updating your systems live, in real-time, regardless of location.

Imagine the difference that could make to your customers. Imagine the results that could bring to your bottom line.

We’re pioneers in enabling communications between mobile devices and databases. If you have a handheld, we can connect you to your enterprise’s data. You – and your people might never need to see a desk again.

Contact us on 0800 011 4088 or email sales@btlc.co.uk to discover a universe of possibilities. The future is in your hands.

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