A history of internet access post 2000 and a look to the future – part three

This latest in our blog series bring us to the current year. Most business across the country if they want high speed internet access are opting for FTTC or having to pay for a leased line.

However, a new breed of products has emerged to provide many of the benefits of leased lines for a fraction of the price. Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) brings pure fibre directly to the building. With no copper to slow data down FTTP, networks can easily run at Gigabit speeds – that is up to 1000Mbps. Rather than slowing them down, some innovative service providers are offering gigabit connectivity for a little more than the cost of a fast FTTC line.

While not a dedicated connection, these Gigabit internet services provide ultra-fast speeds that will make light work of remote backups, data heavy cloud services and VoIP while simultaneously serving a large number of users. If available in your area, they have the potential to future-proof business connectivity – and provide access to one of the fastest internet connections in the UK.

BtL and CityFibre solution

FTTP is currently being rolled out in locations across the country by CityFibre, the largest independent provider of pure fibre infrastructure in the UK. CityFibre, in partnership with BtL, have now launched the Reading Gigabit City which will see businesses being able to take advantage of speeds of up to 1GB (1000Mbps).

This is where BtL comes in. Our aim is to bring the latest internet access solution within the reach of businesses in the Reading and Bracknell areas, at an affordable rate.  We also aim to provide some of the latest telecommunications solutions that tie in with an improved access to the internet, such as VoIP and Office 365. The benefits brought to VoIP and Office 365 is the brilliant connectivity, access and reliability for these cloud based solutions. The improved internet access also allows a company to comfortably utilise the scalable options as and when they need it.

If you’d like to find out more about moving to a pure-fibre connection, register your no-obligation interest at www.btlc.co.uk/gigabit

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