Are you a business or commercial property owner looking to connect?

Connect your business or commercial property to one of the UK’s most advanced digital networks and transform the way you work online.

In the digital age its no longer enough for a commercial property to have a conveniently placed location with excellent transport links, an abundance of car parking and a coffee shop around the corner.

With the pursuit of IoT and Big Data ever expanding, access to ultrafast internet connectivity is vital.  Without it your property could be left behind.

As private full-fibre network builders CityFibre are committed to servicing the UK with best-in-class, next-generation digital infrastructure and we are looking at properties like yours as potential expansion destinations from our national 42 metro city network.

Why choose Full-Fibre

Supercharging businesses with full-fibre

  • Increase the value of your property with full-fibre infrastructure at no cost

  • Attract long-term tenants with future-proof connectivity

  • Maintain exisiting tenants and help their business grow

Over 90% of businesses mark reliable, fast internet connectivitty as a crucial deciding factor when looking for a new office location.  For data-intensive organisations, office access to ultrafast speeds is a deal breaker.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way with full Fibre installed through CityFibre you will be able to pitch your property as ‘gigabit enabled’ putting you ahead of fierce competion for offfice tennants.

What is full-fibre?

The term ‘Fibre’ is often misconstrued, however with CityFibre only investing in full-fibre networks, there is no reliance on victorian-age copper infrastructure, our connections are the best way to ensure your tenants receive ultrafast, consistent and reliable internet connectivity.

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