Investing locally: The BtL Apprenticeship scheme.

Over the past few months, two more apprentices have been working hard to complete their training and finish their qualification. As they take the next step, we are proud to acknowledge their accomplishments and would like to share some of their thoughts on the learning experience and life at BtL. Brandon and James will be the 17th and 18th apprentices to graduate a scheme with us in the last 6 years.

How do you feel about graduating from your apprenticeship?

  • James:
    I feel great about it. I have managed to gain a lot of experience and increase my technical knowledge base over the course of the apprenticeship. I’m ready to set high goals for myself.
  • Brandon:
    It feels good! The apprenticeship has given me the firm foundation I needed to start my career and I’m looking forward to taking on increased responsibility and, of course, the increase in my salary.

In the beginning, what made you choose BtL?

  • James:
    I was attracted by the fact that BtL is located near to where I live. It meant that I would be able to put in the hours without a long journey time. I had also developed an interest in the business world during my studies at school and knew that BtL would give me the exposure to the world of business which I needed to make a start on my career. I knew that I would get a good technical grounding of an influential industry – and it has!
  • Brandon:
    It was clear that BtL could offer me a good, steady progression or career pathway. I knew that the ‘shadowing’ process that BtL offers would enable me to learn and grow through experience which I knew would work well for me.

How do you feel about the new responsibilities that come with promotion?

  • James:
    It’s a good feeling – and I am ready to take on more responsibility! But I’m also aware that now I have moved up in the company, I am now one of those responsible for others just starting out. I think that having gone through the process, I have the right perspective to help others learn and succeed just as I have.
  • Brandon:
    In some ways, it feels like a relay race. There is a very real sense that I am trusted to share my knowledge to new apprentices and to help them through the process. I’m looking forward to helping others learn through experience like I did. I’m focusing on hosted and internet access at BtL and I’m looking forward to making my own decisions on our ticket system.

As you enter the next phase of your career, what goals have you set yourself?

  • James:

    I think I’d like to increase my knowledge of the telecoms industry and move into a more customer facing role. This would enable me to improve my understanding of the problem solving process and provide customers with the advice they need about the solutions we offer at the same time. Increasing my knowledge about telecoms – which is a big focus area for BtL – would also enable me to grow with the company is it expands.

  • Brandon:
    I’m aware that I’ve only just seen the tip of the iceberg! BtL works in the ever changing world of technology so my goal is to keep learning. I’m keen to further expand my knowledge base and to be able to manage a wider range of issues and procedures with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Upon graduating in September we are delighted to say that both Brandon and James have decided to stay with us and become full-time members of our team. Meanwhile, we continue to look to the future and have another 3 working towards their qualifications.

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