Call Centre

Call Centre

Almost all businesses have a small call centre attached to their phone system, either taking orders or looking after customers. BtL’s call centre solutions include all of the features you need to run your call centre operations effectively, whether your focus is inbound, outbound or blended. Our diverse call centre solutions reflects the variation in organisations, business sectors, and costs of different systems.

By taking advantage of our free no obligation phone system quote, we will help you to see the possible cost savings as well the other benefits BtL’s call centre solutions has to offer.

Benefits of BtL’s call centre solutions

  • Blend inbound and outbound calls
  • Operate multiple live campaigns
  • Multiple contact touch points, including voice, email, web and fax
  • Generate live callers and management reports
  • Manage your centre through seamless remote access
  • Display interactive, full media screens for promotions and motivation
  • Run all this on industry standard platforms
  • Take advantage of least cost routing (LCR)
  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Link multiple sites as one contact centre unit

BtL’s call centre solutions are designed to not only suit your businesses needs but also to reduce costs and build a disaster recovery plan into your business phone system. This allows your business to communicate with customers even in the event of unforeseen disasters. Our disaster recovery solutions enable you to divert your call centre to another location or your company mobile phones.

BtL can also provide call centres that utilise VoIP to lower costs. By taking advantage of our no obligation phone system quote we can show you how VoIP is one of the many ways we can save your business money. We work with customers to understand your business and identify how to make the best use of all available options, assisting in the development of a solid business case to support any proposed changes.

By letting BtL design, implement, and support your businesses call centre you will see the key benefits of improved customer experience, increase in your staffs productivity, and BtL will reduce your costs and disaster recovery plan for your businesses phone system.

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