Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing

Enhance the way in which you currently hold meetings, with Web Conferencing. Save money, save time – BtL’s Web Conferencing enables you to have interactive sessions instead of having to travel, allowing you to save both time and money, as well as going green. With attendees taking part from their PCs, you can deliver a presentation, kick off a project, brainstorm ideas, edit files, collaborate on whiteboards, and negotiate deals more conveniently than ever before.

BtL Unified Meeting

BtL’s Unified Meeting, like Web Conferencing, sits right on your desktop and easily integrates with your standard business tools. It is a user-friendly online meeting service that gives you the easiest and fastest meeting access available in the market. Just click to start or join a meeting online.

Using BtL Unified Meeting will help you accomplish more in your workday. This easy-to-use system lets you meet with colleagues, partners and customers in remote locations in your own online meeting room, without ever leaving your office.

Reliable and secure, BtL Unified Meeting allows you to present PowerPoint® slides, share applications, quiz and survey participants and show web sites—all with the same impact and results as in-person meetings. Allowing you to meet more productively and more often without the time and expense of travel.

With BtL Unified Meeting, you can:

  • Quickly join or start online meetings with a simple click on the BtL desktop icon in your task bar
  • BtL Unified Meeting automatically dials you when you start the meeting, so no more looking up dial-in numbers or logins
  • Schedule online meetings in Outlook® or Lotus Notes® for easy invitations and one-click entry
  • Take your meetings online
  • Collaborate with global teams
  • Train remote colleagues and customers
  • Review documents in real-time
  • Present to customers and prospects

For more information or for expected speeds at your location please call 0800 011 4088 or email sales@btlc.co.uk

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