BtL is dedicated to delivering superior service to our customers through our breadth of understanding and ability to manage the project life cycle from conception through to delivery. Our combined experience of business and ICT life cycle management, ICT service delivery and maturity enables us to understand the challenges in transforming your business to deliver excellent ICT services.

Most technology service providers will have already decided the solution they will deliver to your organisation before they have even thought of defining your requirements.

Whilst BtL are predominantly a managed services delivery company, we are also architects with integrity.

The breadth of our existing services and the openness of the ICT market mean we have no reason to be protectionist and are therefore vendor agnostic.

Plus unlike most companies offering consultancy, we live with our recommendations everyday and don’t just move onto the next assignment.

We deliver and will match your requirements (if possible, no emperors new clothes here), ensuring your needs are met and maximum value is obtained from the implementation.

As an organisation we can engage with you across your business; whether you would like us to help define your strategy and objectives, manage your key projects, complement an existing team, overcome specific challenges or simply provide key individuals to advise on your approach and help you deliver against your initiatives.

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