Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

BtL Hosted Exchange provides a fixed fee, fully managed, email and collaborative working environment provided for you as a complete service. BtL Managed Exchange is a complete solution for companies with a need for 10 mailboxes or more that will deliver real business benefits.

Clearly defined total cost of ownership with a fixed, monthly tariff, covering every aspect of the service, your expenditure is completely defined and visible from the outset.

BtL Managed Exchange replaces high installation, software and maintenance charges with flat, predefined, budgetary expenditure. Our exchange service can also be combined with an archive service to store all your emails for 3 years.

Support is what sets BtL apart and we provide the equipment and all of the support that you would expect from an established IT department – but we offer better value service, have the benefit of a breadth of experience across thousands of users and will not go off sick, take holidays or leave you in the lurch.

BtL Managed Exchange provides comprehensive, reliable anti-spam for incoming emails, anti-virus scanning of incoming and outbound emails, shared diary, contacts and folders, and access to calendars for meeting rooms.

Data centre reliability & redundancy, 99.5% availability SLA monitoring & management 24×7.

So ask yourself how important is email and collaboration to my business and then call BtL to discuss on 0800 011 4088 or email

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