Mobile and Fixed, the perfect partners for an always on workplace

Mobile and fixed lines can enhance an always on workplace. This type of working environment has many benefits that see the rise of staff and customer retention – employees feel more in control of their work, they’re able to integrate their work and social life more effectively, commitment and productivity is increased and long commutes are easily avoided.

Advances in technology are the perfect catalysts for an effective, always on workplace.


Adopting a mobile contract for your business enjoys many advantages:

  • In remaining contactable with the office, customers and suppliers, customer service is elevated
  • Increased mobility and productivity
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Flexibility empowers employees

BtL has the ability to manage all your mobile needs, even if you require different networks for different areas of your business, while offering the most competitive tariff.

Don’t just take our word for it


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Fixed line

Although always on businesses reap many rewards of employing a mobile contract, a fixed line contract shouldn’t be overlooked. In adopting a fixed line contract, you’re opening the door to a number of benefits:

  • Speed and reliability
  • A fast paced working environment
  • Business remains contactable, increasing the quality of customer service. Disconnection with customers could results in lost sales revenue

BtL’s Business Lines and Calls can save up to 40% off your current lines and calls bill, whilst improving line quality and efficiency within your business.

Don’t just take our word for it


Download our business lines and call services PDF.

Although each, mobile and fixed line contracts serve their own purposes and offer great advantages individually – when working in collaboration, a marriage of flexibility, productivity and efficiency is born. The partnership of both fixed and mobile allows employees the freedom to work wherever, whenever, whilst your business sets itself as the pinnacle of customer service.

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