The Future-Proof Contact Center for the NFON Cloud Telephone System.

How businesses can achieve scalable low-investment contact center solutions.

Digital technologies continue to transform all areas of business and everyday life.  Whilst organisations are embracing the potential for rapid successes,  they are also challenged to maintain consistency.

Contact centers rely on a core of digital communications, thus technical innovation is typically at the top of their agenda.  In order to  satisfy the rising demand for support, contact centers and call centers must be able to scale rapidly, even as they develop new competencies.

A study issued by the renowned market research firm, Forrester, was headlined on “Contact Centers Must Go Digital Or Die” Digitalisation has become vital to succeeding in a highly-competitive market, and the most straightforward way  towards  digital excellence points directly to cloud technology.

Cloud  services  offer  flexible  and  scalable high-performance solutions without the need to invest in onsite hardware, and this is especially important for small and medium-sized contact centers and in-house service hotlines.

Using a sleek browser interface, our highly professional cloud contact center service enables companies to immerse themselves into the feature-rich world of guided, managed and evaluable communication workflows.

Cloud Service Benefits for Contact Centers

  • Fast integration with existing systems, without special hardware/software requirements

  • Significant reduction in overall costs to the business due to moving from on-premise to cloud hosting

  • Hassle-free maintenance and system updates bring peace of mind to the business and system adminstra- tors

  • Effortless, just-in-time scalability to meet demand

  • Increased reliability and data security due to high- availability data centers run by cloud service providers

As technology advances, companies are realising that  only cloud services provide the agility they need in order to adapt–with speed–to  new  clients, channels  and  requirements, hence the increasing demand for contact center services from the cloud.

With Ncontactcenter,  we offer a proven and full-fledged contact center solution, which enables transparent, customer-centric communication.  Requiring no additional software and hardware, Ncontactcenter makes achieving maximum flexibility at reasonable costs easier than ever.

The foundation of Ncontactcenter  is based on established technology from a contact center specialist with over 17 years’ experience. The result is a complete, turnkey solution made in Germany, packed with all the features needed to power sophisticated contact center services.

Amongst the system’s advantages are superior flexibility and adaptability, along with comprehensive functionality to plan, execute, analyse and evaluate even the most demanding campaigns

Ncontactcenter API enables swift integration of additional systems  and solutions, thus providing access to relevant data from a wide range of sources.

Ncontactcenter  is completely  web based, it doesn’t require software installation.  Hosted in the public cloud, the service can be accessed anytime, anywhere and with any web-enabled device connected  to the Internet.

Comprehensive Benefits with Ncontactcenter

  • Modular design suitable for contact centers of any size

  • No hardware or software requirements reduces system investment

  • Flexible and scalable system, thanks to cloud technology and pay-per-use plans

  • Standard interfaces minimise release dependency

  • Fast and deep process integration of enterprise applications enables organisation-wide data access

  • Integration of Microsoft Outlook facilitates scheduling across organisation

  • Hierarchical clearance levels fulfill compliance regulations

  • Notes, recording and analytics integrated for business intelligence capability

  • Reliable, scalable and secure cloud technology made in Germany

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