Secure Bespoke WiFi Solutions for your business

Our wireless network solutions are designed to deliver wired-like connectivity performance in business premises where fast paced mobility is expected to be the norm.

At BtL Communication we recognise that most modern businesses are now almost wholly reliant on a stable, fast connection, keeping them connected to their customers and clients.

Our bespoke WiFi networks and WiFi Services are built around your business needs, taking into account everything from your premises to your user numbers and the speed of service you require.

Regardless of the size of your business, we offer the solution and expertise to help you get connected with a WIFI network that’s just right for you.

BtL Communication bespoke WiFi Solutions

We design a service to meet your operational objectives, whether it be

  • Increased efficiency

  • Future proofing

  • Improved Reliability

  • Security

There are a lot of factors required in the set up and installation of a wireless network and not all are easily identifiable to you as a consumer. At BtL Communication we recognise that each customer, and each Customers premises are different.

A Experienced WiFi engineer will attend your premises and carry out a WiFi survey and analysis of your current network. This will highlight any sources of interference and identify any obstacles which could restrict your WiFi coverage. The engineer will also test the current type of incoming internet connection as this can be a major fracture in the speed performance of your wireless network.

Careful consideration of the maximum number of users and devices expected on your network is as is an understanding of the fabric of your building(s).

‘Take rate’ for your WiFi service will depend heavily on how well your WiFi network penetrates the area you are looking to cover

Once the survey is completed our in house technical team will compile a report based on their findings which will detail how and where we position the WiFi access points through out your premises to give you the strongest coverage throughout.

Once you are happy with the design of your new wireless network are sales team can then discuss the best equipment type to be implemented into your design.

As with all of our  services we will ensure that your new installation is fully optimised and correctly configured to work effortlessly.

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