Slough has been chosen to be one of the next Gigabit Cities in the Thames valley.

We are in the middle of a digital revolution. Across the UK, the rise of new technologies and cloud services are radically transforming the way we live and work.
In the coming year Slough will become home to a state-of-the-art pure fibre digital network that will transform it into a gigabit city.

As well as offering services that are “gigabit speed as standard”, BtL will enable businesses to stop concerning themselves with bandwidth restrictions. Then companies can start to make the most of new ways of working, that will reduce costs and further improve the stakeholder experience.
This could be increased productivity from a faster connection or more bandwidth available to utilise the use of cloud services which in turn improve how you communicate with your clients.

What we typically offer

We typically offer a pure-fibre, symmetrical business internet connection. This offers superior speed, repair and reliability, without the price tag you might expect.
Choose from two products designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized business and take them on a transformational journey to affordable 1Gb/s connections.

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So what do you get for it?

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