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Smart meet

Stay connected and in control of your conferences from your iPhone or Android phone. The SmartMeet inventive mobile app for Reservationless-Plus is a full-circle approach to conferencing on the go. Use this as your gateway to a more seamless meeting experience with more power to start, join and schedule meetings with complete call management.


  • Use Voice over IP to talk and control your meetings with carriers that do not support simultaneous talk and data or when travelling internationally to avoid high roaming charges
  • Add a new level of engagement between yourself, participants and their peers with the in-meeting chat feature
  • Increase meeting security by setting a required application password for all accounts within your organization that can be set to expire periodically
  • Receive push notifications when someone first enters your waiting room and again after five minutes of inactivity as a reminder to start your meeting
  • See when you have a free moment and the ability to schedule a meeting by using the in-app calendar using your device’s native calendar
  • View participants in your meeting or waiting for your approval to join your meeting by easily navigating between the Participant and Waiting Room view tabs
  • Maintain total meeting control with in-app features—mute, un-mute, rename, disconnect all or individual participants and much more

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