Time  of  Day  Routing  allows  you  to  route calls  to  different  locations  based  on the  Time  &  Day.  For  example,  you can  route  calls  during  your  business hours  to  the  office  and  then  have  calls sent  to  voicemail  or  a  mobile  after  hours

Easily tailor the Time of Day Routing service to suit your needs, no matter how specific or complex. Maintain service and effective workflow, whatever the time of day.

Today’s customers expect to be able to contact companies or access services beyond the office hours of nine to five.   While it may not be possible to be open 24 hours a day, Time of Day Routing allows you to maintain service, even  when away from work

For more advanced or complex routing, you can create multiple time groups to break your day   into shifts or have more detailed routing.  For example, you may need another team to cover calls over peak times, or want different routing for weekends.