If you are looking to purchase and install additional lines, adopt a competitive mobile package, save on international and 08 calls, or install a new phone system BtL can compile a voice solution that delivers cost savings, disaster recovery, and features that help support your business. Whether you are looking for cheaper lines and calls, call recording systems, 08 numbers or a new voice solution BtL have the expertise to tailor solutions to suit your business.

BtL are helping businesses save by reviewing your current voice solution at no cost, if we are cheaper we then arrange a personalised quote for you (still at no cost) which is designed to reduce costs, improve reliability, and increase productivity.

BtL Mobility

BtL can provide the 2 major mobile networks with and without inclusive minutes. We will tell you the level of bonus we will receive for any package and return most of that to your business, so we can focus on delivering a managed service to satisfy your requirements without restricting your hardware choices… Read more >>

Mobile Device Management

Now you can take control of business-critical data on your company smartphones and tablets with our device management solution. It keeps you connected to your field employees and in control of any sensitive information carried on staff mobile devices….Read more >>

BtL Cloud telephony

Much discussed but far less understood. Contact BtL for a free assessment of your options and potential benefits to your organisation, from a service provider who understands the benefit of both VOIP and traditional telephony (TDM)…Read more >>

BtL Mobility

Truly unified communications aren’t just limited to inside the office environment. BtL’s Hosted Unified Communications System can extend across sites, into remote locations and even into home offices, making it ideal for companies with multiple locations. Read more >>

BtL Mobile Interceptor Icon

Stop paying extortionate prices to call International and 08xx Numbers from your Mobile. Savings of up to 98%! No contract, no hidden fees, no calling cards, no top-up, no numbers to dial before you make a call. Call over 150 countries including international mobile/cell phones and landlines… Read more >>

Visual Attendant

BtL’s Visual Attendant brings a powerful business proposition to the market. An enterprise with this capability can save time per customer-facing employee, create enhanced satisfaction and generate productivity.… Read more >>

BtL Icons predictive and progressive diallers

Whether progressive or predictive BtL can provide a solution that integrates with your existing telephony infrastructure…Read more >>

BtL International Toll Free Numbers

International Toll Free (Free phone) numbers, enable your business to have a presence in over 76 countries worldwide. Calls are FREE for callers in your chosen countries. We can set up selective locations within 5 days from when requested at no extra cost… Read more >>

BtL Mobility

BtL Communication are pleased to launch BtL Brand Assist – an innovative new service that puts customers first and the world’s brands more in control of the customer experience, as they navigate the high street in search of a solution to their requirements… Read more >>

BtL Call Centre Icon

BtL can provide all the ICT services you need to set up and run a call centre, from diverse connectivity and call routing to advanced IVR’s and application integration. Whether you have an inbound or outbound centre BtL will create a solution to fit…

BtL Call recording Icon

Whether it is for compliance, training or security reasons you want to record calls. BtL can provide a solution from one line to thousand’s, extension or trunk side, traditional or IP, Onsite or based in the network. In short we have all bases covered… Read more >>

BtL Mobility

BtL’s SMS Service provides SMS solutions that can be used for external marketing purposes, reminding customers about doctors or vets appointments, collections, and deadlines. Outbound SMS allows you to deliver your brand directly to the hand of potential and existing customers i.e. notifying parents if their child is not in school.…Read more >>

BtL Business Lines and Calls Icon

Anyone can provide cheap business minutes, lines and calls. BtL provide business quality reliable voice services with sophisticated billing options and disaster recovery. Supported by our 24 hour fault reporting service you can be assured of a professional service at a competitive price…Read more >>

BtL NGN Inbound Solutions

At BtL we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our solutions. We can provide basic low cost number termination to virtual call centres complete with remote agent login and 01, 02 or 08 Numbers. If you can imagine it, we can build it…Read more >>

BtL Telephone systems

BtL provide a wide range of phone systems based on traditional and SIP technology from leading companies such as 3Com, Avaya and Nortel. We will design a system for you taking into account historic investment and the level of integration with other applications and other sites… Read more >>

BtL Phone Management

Acquire a detailed understanding of your voice system with a BtL call logging solution. A company’s telephone system is one of the most important investments an organisation can make so it’s crucial to always make sure it is performing how you need it to…Read more >>

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