BtL Brand Assist

BtL Brand Assist

BtL Communication are pleased to launch BtL Brand Assist – an innovative new service that puts customers first and the world’s brands more in control of the customer experience, as they navigate the high street in search of a solution to their requirements.

Now much like we are used to do online, there’s a chance to convert browsers into buyers and really show customers that you care more than your high street rivals by going the extra mile.

BtL Brand Assist will allow your customers to send a standard text message to the number on the box or point of sale material for an immediate call back. This text message will initiate two calls, one to the sales advisor and one back to the customer to answer any questions. This all happens within seconds and parameters can be put in place to either stop call backs or ensure the callback is within a certian number of minutes so that the customer will not already have left the store.

Potential benefits

  • More sales
  • Cross and upsell possibilities
  • Feedback on packaging design
  • Potential to complete ad-hoc customer surveys

For more information please call BtL on 0800 011 4088 or email

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