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Business Lines and Calls

BtL’s Business Lines and Calls can save between 25 and 40% off your current lines and calls bill, whilst improving line quality and efficiency within your business. BtL can supply your standard telephone line for small businesses or multi lines with multiple channels for large businesses, all whilst providing implementation support and keeping your lines and call costs low.

BtL is committed to delivering cost-effective call rates without compromising the quality to your business. We do this by profiling your call usage and looking at your current supplier package to determine the best possible business call alternative our savings typically range from 25 and 40%.

As well as having the ability to design, install, and support complex voice solutions for your mission critical needs, BtL can offer cost-effective, simple, good quality voice services over IP or traditional ISDN.

BtL’s Call PerformNT – Call Logger

BtL’s PerformNT is a planning tool that addresses key business challenges faced by organisations managing a high volume of calls. Similar to a call logger, it provides an insight into multiple historical and real-time parameters to determine calling patterns, such as dropped calls, response and average handling time.

Openreach Portal

We have a WLR3 portal into the BT Openreach order platform which enables us to place orders directly on the UK’s largest carrier and offer outstanding service.

Care and Attention

Fault reporting is available 24/7 x 365. We are proud of the care and attention we give our clients and our aim is always to be the best in the industry. BtL understand that your lines and calls can be one of the most important parts of your business so why settle for second best?

Call us today for a free voice services audit so we can understand your requirements – however simple or complex.

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