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Selecting your business phone lines is critical and with the ever growing number of telephone lines available to UK businesses today, it’s not easy to decipher the right type of line that will benefit your business.

We often see clients who have old tariffs with their previous provider which would have been competitive when implemented, but are now dated and costly. We offer a no cost, no obligation telecoms audit to ensure your business is receiving new competitive rates.

There are a variety of telephone lines currently available to your business, each holding different qualities which are best suited to different types and sizes of business. In order to know the type of line that is going to be most beneficial for your business, you must first consider how the lines are going to be used.

Different business line types are:

  • Analogue Single Line – Works from the local exchange, suitable for smaller companies with just one phone.
  • Analogue Multi Lines – Also work from the local exchange, but allow multiple calls through one number.
  • ISDN2 Lines – Digital line, allows up to 8 different channels (extension).
  • ISDN30 Lines – Like ISDN2, but allows up to 30 different channels (extensions)
  • SIP Trunk – An alternative to ISDN lines, Sip Trunks connect to your existing PBX using either an IP Card or IP Gateway converter.

We recognise that every business is unique and that different types of business will require different types of lines. For this, we are more than happy to discuss your line requirements with you on 0800 011 4088 or filling out our contact us page.

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