BtL PerformNT

PerformNT Call Logging Solution

BtL’s PerformNT is a planning tool that addresses key business challenges faced by organisations managing a high volume of calls. Similar to a call logger, it provides an insight into multiple historical and real-time parameters to determine calling patterns, such as dropped calls, response and average handling time.

However, unlike a traditional call logger, BtL’s PerformNT allows you to see what calls you are missing when your lines are busy. This is because raw call data for this service is generated in the telephone exchange rather than in your office.

If you are currently utilising traditional call reporting/call logging technologies such as PBX add-ons, CPS and non-geographic reporting applications, you are very likely to be facing the following challenges;

  • Lack of a comprehensive and unified view leaving the customer to collate, compile and process multiple reports
  • Expensive changes to PBX hardware and software
  • Multi-sited customers may not have a PBX on every site
  • CPS reporting only covers outbound calls; calls via other carriers or 1280 are not captured
  • NGN reporting only covers inbound calls; calls made directly to DDIs or via alternative NGN providers are not captured
  • CPS and NGN reporting does not include engaged or abandoned calls, as typically this data is not available

PerformNT not only addresses these challenges but also analyses the raw call data generated in the telephone exchange and turns the data into comprehensive reports and charts such as;

  • Inbound and outbound call analysis
  • Call waiting times
  • Average call duration
  • Peak period analysis
  • Dropped and engaged calls
  • Trunk utilisation reporting
  • Graphical, PDF, CSV and email reports

PerformNT is easy to set up and simple to manage.

You don’t need any capital investment or technical resources as it will be fully hosted and managed.

PerformNT is fully automated with a rapid roll out.

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