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Is your business receiving and answering inbound calls efficiently?

Any company, no matter the size or industry, can have a cost-effective, automated Inbound calling solution to help your business work smarter and deliver disaster recovery. An exclusive inbound number is one that is stored on a virtual platform. The most common form of a non-geographic number is an 08xx number. However these can also be geographic numbers, such as 01 and 02 numbers. The simplest form of this is a number translation which is where the number diverts at an alternative number such as your land-line or mobile.

Inbound calling solutions can provide simple, convenient and automated responses for tracking an order status, queries, verifications, and establishing a certain criteria. Interactive voice responses can be included as part of your complete calling solution and further increase the economy of customer service by pre-screening incoming calls for determination of priority and proper routing. IVR’s can be captured for analysis, valued for disposition and/or initiate an escalation to a live agent.

With BtL’s inbound calling solution, you can choose all the phone system functions you require. Whether you require inbound call management, non-geographic numbers otherwise known as 08xx numbers or call recording, BtL can provide you with the perfect communications solution to suit your business needs.

BtL can also provide a new or refurbished phone system to integrate with your calling solution. Whether you require a simple phone system suitable for four people, or a fully featured phone system for fifty thousand people, BtL can recommend one of many phone systems.

As part of the complete calling solution, all minutes are carried across BtL’s eco-minutes network which is carbon neutral. BtL’s Eco-Minutes network has dramatically reduced power consumption within the running of the network as it has moved to a softswitch environment. The Eco-Minutes network has moved to the next stage and has reduced our carbon footprint by carbon offsetting the power that we do use to carry minutes across our network.

Even in the current climate, the green agenda is important, and providing eco-minutes as part of a broader solution is BtL’s goal. Reducing organisations carbon footprint is becoming a key objective.

Non geographic and geographic numbers that BtL supply:

  • 0800 Numbers & 0808 Numbers – allow your customers and prospective customers to call you at no cost to them. You pick up the cost of the call thereby promoting customer loyalty and showing your customers that you are committed to them.
  • 0845 Numbers & 0844 Numbers – If you would like to reduce the costs further, we offer 0845 numbers & 0844 numbers which we can divert to your ordinary telephone number. A 0845 number or an 0844 number enables you to provide a single contact number, this number can be easily diverted to new telephone numbers if the business moves location. We also pay you a rebate every time somebody calls your number.
  • 0871 Number & 0870 Numbers – 0871 numbers & 0870 numbers give a national presence and can be called from anywhere worldwide. Your 0871/0870 destination number can easily be changed if you move. We also pay you a rebate every time somebody calls your number.
  • 03 Numbers – 03 numbers were released in 2007 by the industry regulator Ofcom as an alternative to 08 phone numbers. 03 local rate numbers will have the ability to be diverted to any UK landline or mobile, and the destination number of your 03 number can be changed whenever you want by just sending us an email.
  • 09 Numbers – Premium rate numbers enable you to make additional revenue from calls made to your organisation or service. You decide how much you wish to charge your caller and we will allocate you a number or number range to use with your service.
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