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Voice recording, sometimes referred to as call recording, is the ability to record telephone calls from within your existing telephone system. Call Recording Solutions can be tailored to fit your requirements and integrate with your existing telephone and data network systems.

BtL has carefully selected a range of Call Recording partners to provide a wide range of solutions, ranging from solutions for a 1,000 agent call centre to solutions for a Financial Advisor working from home – and everything in between! BtL’s range of solutions allows us to confidently recommend the right solution for your business.

More and more organisations are using telephone conversation recording as a means of improving efficiency of services. In many situations, the ability to produce an auditable record of a conversation is vital. Call Recording eliminates the doubt, minimising disputes and business risk.

Despite the amount of money and sophistication of technology that’s been thrown at contact centres over the past decade, improvements have been hard to come by. Anyone who has had to deal with large utilities, banks and phone companies will take little persuading on that point. One of the biggest failings of the traditional approaches to quality improvement have been the mono-dimensional views of quality, viewed through the eyes of the agent or the customer.

Typical business benefits of call recording include:

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  • Identifying the “successful” sales dialogues
  • Monitoring of “Best Practice” conversations
  • Educating the rest of your team through real-life feedback
  • Consistency of messages to clients
  • Protection against possible malpractice issues
  • Confirmation of verbal contracts or commitments
  • Quality monitoring and auditing
  • Enable instant confirmation and review of key information
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Identify and minimise telephone abuse

It’s a competitive world and providing excellent customer service is paramount not only to business success but perhaps even survival. Protecting your business by proving ‘who said what’ in a dispute may be critical and will save you time and money in the long run. It is the best way to train & coach staff on how to handle telephone calls effectively. Record your telephone calls to avoid the problems associated with inaccurate order taking, lost delivery details or disputes about prices.

In fact whatever the use, if you need to record telephone conversations, then a call recording solution from BtL is an important step in securing your businesses future. Call us today for a consultation.

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