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Stop paying extortionate prices to call International and 08xx Numbers from your Mobile! Savings of up to 98%!

How it works
The BtL Mobile Interceptor detects your international and 08xx calls and routes them to the Interceptor platform providing you cheaper international mobile calls to over 150 countries, international mobiles and 08xx numbers. No need to buy international calling cards. All you need to do is simply call the BtL sales team or fill out our order form. Once you have downloaded the Mobile Interceptor app you can begin making cheap international phone calls from your mobile phone. The software is £7.50 per mobile phone; this is a one-off charge with no hidden extras.


  • Savings of up to 98% on international and 08xx calls
  • Save of up to 98% with our cheap ppm calling rate plus your standard network charge for a local call (local calls are free within most standard mobile contracts)
  • No calling cards, no top-up, no numbers to dial before you make a call
  • PIN-less dialling. Use it instantly. Easy to turn on/off
  • Call over 150 countries from your mobile phone
  • Including international mobile/cell phones and landlines
  • One software download
  • A one-off charge of £7.50, the software is yours to keep
  • Great call quality
  • A reliable network with clear business voice quality
  • No contract, no hidden fees
  • No need to visit the shop to buy calling cards

If you’d like to find out more about Mobile interceptor from BtL, call us today on call 0800 011 4088  or email


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