Mobile SMS Services

BtL can now provide SMS services that are easy-to-use. SMS messaging is the fast and cost-effective way of contacting your prospects or customers. Our SMS solutions provide coverage to nearly all operators/providers worldwide. All of our easy-to-use SMS text services are ready to use.

BtL SMS Solutions:

  • Web SMS – Allows you to send and receive SMS messages through your web browser.
  • Outlook to SMS – Send and Receive SMS text messages from Outlook.
  • Email SMS – 2-way email gateway service
  • Mobile Apps – Allows you to access your SMS account on the go with the Android and iPhone Apps.

BtL’s SMS solutions can be used for external marketing purposes, reminding customers about doctors or vets appointments, collections, and deadlines. Outbound SMS allows you to deliver your brand directly to the hand of potential and existing customers i.e. notifying parents if their child is not in school.

For more information, a demonstration, or details on pricing, please call 0800 011 4088 or email

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