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The Outlook SMS Solution, the Add-in for Microsoft Outlook allows you to send and receive SMS messages in Outlook using a simple and intuitive interface. The Add-in for Outlook integrates with your address book making it easy to send SMS messages to individuals, groups and distribution lists. Outlook to SMS enables you to send SMS Reminders for your calendar appointments and meetings. Reminders can also be sent to your own mobile as well as all meeting attendees or to your customers and clients.


  • Provides full 2-way SMS functionality within the Microsoft Outlook
  • Receive SMS replies back into your Outlook inbox
  • Tightly integrated into Outlook environment
  • Bulk send to up to 100,000 recipients in one go
  • Copy and paste number lists from Microsoft Access and Excel
  • Receive SMS reminders of appointments and meetings
  • Integrates with your personal and corporate address books
  • Recipient entry auto-complete and search features
  • Full support for groups and distribution lists
  • Supports multipart long SMS messages
  • Schedule message for delivery at later date
  • Support for message delivery reports

Tightly integrated into Outlook environment

The Outlook Add-in adds new options to the Outlook menu making sending SMS messages convenient and easy to use.

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