Web SMS Service

BtL Mobility

With the powerful Web SMS service you can start sending and receiving SMS messages quickly and easily from any web browser.

Web SMS offers:

  • Bulk send SMS to many mobiles phones at once
  • Manage mobile contacts and groups
  • Receive replies from your mobile users
  • Support for branded SMS messages
  • View message delivery status
  • Support for sub-accounts
  • Message scheduling
  • Subscription lists – Integrated management of subscription lists
  • Upload and send – send messages from text (CSV) and Microsoft Excel files

Reply Service:

With the Web SMS service you can receive and reply back to an SMS inbox which you can view online. The reply service is provided at no extra cost, however users replying to your messages will be charged at their standard rate for the messages that they send back.

Web SMS Pricing:

Web SMS is provided free of charge, there is no setup or monthly charges. The service is simply charged based on the messages that you send.


For more information, a demonstration, or details on pricing please call 0800 011 4088 or email sales@btlc.co.uk


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