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NGN Inbound Solutions

Virtual numbers or otherwise known as non geographic numbers can improve your companies’ image, they can also be used to help track response to marketing campaigns, or as part of a disaster recovery plan and even to provide additional functionality and features such as voicemail and call routing. Our NGN numbers can take minutes to set up* and depending on our graded service level can cost virtually nothing.

Non geographic numbers (NGN) benefits:

  • Not tied to a specific location
  • Memorable to the customer
  • Excellent to evaluate advertising campaigns
  • Link with both telephone and fax numbers
  • Network level call reporting
  • Can be fronted with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services
  • Business Continuity – automatic routing plans
  • Once you have registered your number it’s yours, for life! Never worry about having to change your business number again

BtL offer different types of NGN inbound virtual numbers including:

We also offer national numbers i.e. 0203 numbers, 0207 numbers, and 01 numbers. We have graded our services Platinum, Gold and Silver to illustrate the different levels of functionality available. These levels go from simple number termination to the most complex IVR’s intergraded with external databases and ACD systems. BtL are also able to offer a wide range of International Toll Free numbers, allowing your customers in foreign countries to call a free phone number in their own country and have the calls redirected to you in the UK.

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