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03 numbers were released in 2007 by the industry regulator Ofcom as an alternative to 08 business phone numbers, such as 0871 numbers. Today’s networks allow these numbers to be delivered by a wide number of services including cloud based IVR’s, SIP Trunks and Hosted Telephony.

People trust 03 numbers as they cost the same to call as standard land-line numbers (e.g. 01 numbers and 02 numbers) even from a mobile phone. There are many advantages to 03 numbers, for example, the 03 number can give a company national presence, also giving small businesses the image of being much larger than they are. Furthermore, if you are a small business operating from home, a 03 local rate number can give you the protection of not needing to give out your home number. We can also present an 03 number for outgoing calls, if you desire.

03 local rate numbers

03 local rate numbers will have the ability to be diverted to any UK land-line or mobile, and the destination number of your 03 number can be changed whenever you want by just sending us an email. It couldn’t be easier! Having a 03 local rate number means you have a number for life. If you relocate premises all you have to do is just inform us your new destination number, and we will re-divert your number for free of charge, saving you money on advertising costs.

033x numbers

These 03 numbers can be used by another company or organisation. These numbers are composed of the number sub ranges 0330 and 0333.

034x and 037x numbers

This number is only allocated to a customer with the equivalent 08x number, e.g. a customer with 0870 4568788 could obtain 0370 4568788.

0300 numbers and 0303 numbers

0300 and 0303 numbers are exclusively for charities and public sector organisations.

7 reasons why such trusted organisations like charities are using 03 numbers:

  • You can choose a highly memorable number
  • You can route your 03 number to any UK land-line, mobile** or internationally
  • Your 03 number is yours for life. Take it with you even if you relocate
  • You can attract more business outside your area – with an 03 number you won’t be judged on your location
  • 03 numbers can be used alongside your existing land-line number. They can also be used for specific purposes such as on your website, or in your advertising
  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager and personal point of contact from day one
  • 03 numbers are for everyone, from a village shop to a national charity

** additional charges apply.

Ofcoms’s criteria

03 number ranges for example 0300 and 0303 numbers, are only permitted for use by public sector bodies and not-for-profit bodies e.g. registered charities. If Ofcom’s criteria is not met, then 0333, 0330, 034 or 037 numbers must be used.

The criteria for eligible bodies

Ofcom’s regulation states that the bodies eligible to use 03 numbers should meet at least one of these two basic criteria’s: They must appear on one of the lists of eligible bodies, maintained by other organisations that have been indicated by Ofcom in the Guidance on bodies eligible to use 03 Telephone Numbers.
Any criteria indicated by Ofcom in the Guidance on bodies eligible to use 03 telephone numbers must be met.

Ofcom’s Guidance

Follow the link for Ofcom’s Web site which has a useful document for Guidance on bodies eligible to use 03 telephone numbers. The document will be updated so that continuous guidance on how individual bodies will be considered as eligible to use 03 numbers is available.

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